Our commitment to quality is more than what we put in
but more importantly, what we leave out.

No Taurine - No Colors - No Artificial Flavors - No Corn Syrup - No Jitters

The HARD® Lineup

HARD® Original

Our signature flavor is an introduction to the bold spicy flavors of bitter orange , cinnamon, and nutmeg. The pure clean taste of HARD® Original takes you back to a more refined era.

The HARD® Lineup

HARD® Club

Bubbly and effervescent, calorie free and refreshing; just the way a club soda should be ... and then some. HARD® CLUB is sure to become a new standard.

The HARD® Lineup

HARD® Ginger

The splendor of Ginger Ale reimagined. The vivid snap of fresh ginger root, masterfully balanced with a dry sweet finish. The sophisticated flavor of HARD® GINGER ignites this century old classic for a new generation.

The HARD® Lineup

HARD® Tonic

With the unmistakable bite of real quinine, HARD® TONIC remains classically flavorful, yet balanced. If you like drinks with tonic, you 're going to love this rendition .

The HARD® Lineup

HARD® Citron

Experience what a genuine citrus flavor truly embodies; a crisp beginning, with a light clean finish. The fresh citrus blend of HARD® CITRON is an instant classic.

A Modern Healthier Alternative

HARD® provides the "newness" required to attract the educated consumer to the brand, the healthier option to keep them, and the classic flavors to also attract the more mature audience.
HARD® is where chic modern style meets classic appeal, the contemporary meets the vintage, the adolescent meets the mature.

Office Workers Needing a Mid-Day Pick Up

Health Conscious Athletes

College Students Cramming for an Exam

Anyone Needing Extra Get Up and Go

Medical Professionals Working the Night Shift

Premium Mixers for Premium Spirits

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